Friday, July 29, 2011

Long Gone,Moved On~

When’s the day you start again
And when the hell does you’ll get over it begin
I’m looking hard in the mirror
But I don’t fit my skin
It’s too much to take
It’s too hard to break me
From the cell I’m in

Oh from this moment on
I’m changing the way feel yeah
From this moment on
It’s time to get real

Cause I still do know how to act
Don’t know what to say
Still wear the scars like it was yesterday
But you’re long gone and moved on
But you’re long gone
But I still don’t know where to start
Still finding my way
Still talk about you like it was yesterday
But you’re long gone and moved on
But you’re long gone, you moved on

So how’d you pick the pieces up yeah
I’m barely used to saying me instead of us
The elephant in the room keep scaring off the guest
It gets under my skin to see you with him
And it’s not me that you’re with

No I can’t keep thinking that you’re coming back, no
Cause I got no business knowing where you’re at, no
And it’s gonna be hard yeah
Cause I have to wanna heal yeah
And it’s gonna be hard yeah
The way I feel that I have to get real

best doe lirik lagu ney...lagu ney lagu kumpulan THE SCRIPT

lagu2 band ney suma best..espcially lagu THE MAN WHO CAN'T BE MOVE..actually lagu ney Ahmad Khairul yg introduce kat aku masa ktaorg g membuang masa bersama kat KK...ngee..i miss that moment..having a great time with Intan,Farah,Lyffa,Amat n Syafiq..hope we can spent time together this holiday..=D

~~dussshhhhh...!mengena doe!pa kaw rasa?? hahaha...XD


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